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Our Crafters & Tutors

Fiona Mitchell

I sew for a living and live for my sewing

I start sewing at the age of 8 on my Mothers Singer sewing machine. I rarely use patterns and prefer to let the fabric decide what it wants to be when I design my products and clothing.

I have used Harris Tweed and very rarely anything else for the past 17 years. I find the cloth so versatile and I love the fact the cloth is produced by independent Weavers in the Outer Hebrides in their own loom sheds who all feel passionately about the cloth and its history.


If you purchase from my shop you will know you are directly helping support at least 2 small businesses. Indirectly it starts with the sheep and the farmer and a very long process passing through many hands before you enjoy the end product

Easy chevron braid patchwork_edited.jpg

Rosalind Johannson

I am Rosalind Johansson, is textile artist and teacher, living in Burray. In December 2020 I took over the building, shorelines, in Finstown.  that was formerly Jane Glue's Gallery.

A lifelong dressmaker and having lived and worked in countries with a textile heritage many of my talks and workshops are based on traditions and inspiration from those countries 

My goals are to teach people new skills, and encourage them to become more confident in their abilities to design, use colour and try something outside the box. But last and not least, to have fun!

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