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Oranges and Lemons say the bells of St Clements

... well we say - its oranges all the way

cake of the week 12th July is 'ORANGE DRIZZLE'

Order by NOON on Friday 9th for delivery on Monday 12th July

For those of you who need to be careful here are the ingredients






and for those of you who can't rememberthe rest of the rhyme here it is 😀

Oranges and lemons

Say the bells of St Clement's

You owe me five farthings

Say the bells of St Martin's

When will you pay me?

Say the bells of Old Bailey

When I grow rich

Say the bells of Shoreditch

And when will that be?

Say the bells of Stepney

Oh I do not know

Say the great bells of Bow

Here comes a candle

To light you to bed

And here comes a chopper

To chop off your head 🙃

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