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"Flirty Gertie" Needle Felting Brooch Kit contains:

  • All the merino wool tops for the brooch
  • 2 felting needles
  • Brooch Back
  • Easy to follow step-by-step instructions

(You will also need : Needle and Thread)

"Flirty Gertie" Needle Felting Brooch Kit

  • Needle felted in just a few hours, this sweet little flower brooch is made by needle felting wool tops together. Suitable for beginners, or those that have already had a stab at needle felting - pardon the pun. By pushing the felting needles in and out of the wool tops, the wool mats together and forms a sculpted dense felt that can then be embellished. At the end, attach a little brooch back, and Flirty Gertie can be worn as a brooch or attached to a bag etcFelting needles are very sharp and great care should be taken to avoid injury. Keep away from children.

  • The price includes Post & Packing 

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